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HYM1000-1003M Mike Protector 100cm$65.00accessories
107023-36AirSoft Cap Merino Certified for PROTOS Helmets$43.39accessories
203019-10-20Arm Brackets PROTOS for 3M with Microphone$78.00accessories
804161Arm Protection Allround Class 1, $78.00functional-clothing accessories
Atlas Hi-Vis SympaTex Rain Pants$286.09$385.04
pfanner-pantsgrey orange4xl large large-short-2 medium small xl xs xxl
Atlas Sympatex Rain Jacket, $373.00$429.00
pfanner-rain-forest-work-jackets functional-clothinggrey orange yellow-orange2xl-40m-wc 3xl-40m-wc l-40m-wc m-40m-wc s-40m-wc xl-40m-wc xs xs-40m-wc
BATTERYBattery BT-Comms Lithium$30.00accessories
Beanie Merino/Coolmax PROTOS Helmet Certified Black, $35.00functional-clothing pfanner-accessories
Bekina Steplite Gumboot XCi$173.04$190.35footwear-accessories40-6 41-7 42-8 43-9 44-10 45-11 46-12 47 48
BOA Seguro High Safety Shoes S3$260.00$294.78footwear-accessories39-5 40-6 41-7 42-8 43-9 44-10 45-11 46-12 47 48
104226BOA® Repair Kit - Chainsaw Boot$17.30accessories
104227BOA® Repair Kit -Seguro Boot$17.30accessories
102334-44-11BOA® Shoes Seguro Low S3$251.30footwear-accessories44-10
Boot - Piz Buin Chainsaw Protection Class1$860.00$946.00footwear-accessories41-7 42-8 43-9 44-10 45-11 46-12 47 48
Boot - Sirius STX Mountaineering$555.65$642.61footwear-accessories43-9 44-10 45-11 46-12
Boot - Zenith STX Mountaineering$346.96footwear-accessories43-9 44-10 45-11 47
Boot - Zermatt GTX Chainsaw Class 1, , $564.35$620.78accessories footwear-accessories pfanner-accessories40-6 41-7 42-8 43-9 44-10 45-11 46-12 47 48
Boot Matterhorn Chainsaw PRO PizBuin$1,021.74footwear-accessories43-9 44-10 45-11 46-12
Boot-BOA Chainsaw Class-2 Pfanner$512.17$563.39footwear-accessories39-5 40-6 41-7 42-8 43-9 44-10 45-11 46-12 47 48
Boot-Tyrol Chainsaw Protection Class1$564.35$599.13footwear-accessories39-5 41-7 42-8 43-9 44-10 45-11 46-12 47 48
Brixen Trekking$242.61footwear-accessories41-7 45-11
204201BT Comm Unit Charger BRACKET USB$69.00accessories
BT-Comms Bluetooth Radio 4 Way PROTOS$782.00accessoriesblack blue green neon-yellow olive orange red white yellow
199992-10-P20BT-Comms RIGHT EAR Bluetooth 4Way$808.00accessoriesneon-yellow
204200-10-80BT-Radio PROTOS Integral (Green) Two Way$782.00accessories
104349Buff StretchAir Tubular Pfanner$17.00
205202Button PTT Adaptor BT-Comm$17.00accessories
XH001651328Charger Battery 3M Litecom Plus$210.00accessories
Crampons Boot Spikes Pfanner$119.91footwear-accessorieslarge xl
204211Ear Protection Inserts Bluetooth Comms$17.00accessories
Flexprotect Hand & Forearm Protection$69.00accessorieslarge-lh large-rh medium-lh medium-rh
FOILFoil Protective BT-Comms Motherboard$9.00accessories
100142-70-90Fuctional Polo Shirt Grey$130.00
Gaiters Pfanner, $103.00functional-clothing pfanner-accessoriesgrey-black red-black
Gladiator Outdoor Pants$297.39$390.44
pfanner-pantsblue green grey orangelarge medium medium-short-2 small small-short-2 xl xl-long xl-short-2
100050-9-11Glove - Stretch Flex Fine Grip$10.00pfanner-glovesred-black10-xl 11-xxl 7-s 8-m 9-l
Glove - Stretch Flex Ice Grip Winter$14.00pfanner-gloves10-xl 11-xxl 8-m 9-l
Hi-Vis Jacket$477.39$573.04
functional-clothingcordura-red-yellow orange-yellow5xl large medium small xl xxl
104329-10-27Hi-Vis Vest Zipp4Fit Orange/Yellow EN20471$64.00
HiVis Vestfunctional-clothingorangexl
functional-clothinglarge xl
104374-30-99Hooded T- Shirt Pfanner$78.00
Husky Micro Fleese Shirt$112.00$123.00
functional-clothing3xl 4xl large medium xl xxl
Jacket - StretchZone Orange 3CON EN20471, $217.00
pfanner-rain-forest-work-jackets functional-clothinglarge medium small xl xxl
Jacket Centurion Rain Olive$373.00
105000-60-59Jacket Centurion Rain Olive$373.04
Jacket Klima Air Hi-Vis$477.00$573.00
pfanner-rain-forest-work-jacketscordura-red-yellow orange-yellow3xl 5xl large medium small xl xxl
106657-40-36Jacket Pfanner Polartec Women$0.00
Jacket PolarTec Black Mens$217.00
functional-clothinglarge-50 xl
Jacket PolarTec Black Womans, $217.00
pfanner-rain-forest-work-jackets functional-clothinglarge medium
Jacket PROTOS Intuit Red/NeonYellow, $173.00$217.00
pfanner-rain-forest-work-jackets functional-clothinggreen grey red-neon-yellowsmall xl
Jacket Rain ORANGE 3CON$390.00$434.00
pfanner-rain-forest-work-jackets2xl-20m-wc 3xl-20m-wc lrg-20m-wc med-20m-wc s-20m-wc xl-20m-wc
804163-60-90Jacket Reflex Klima-Air Grey$521.00
Jacket Ventua Rain Womens$390.00
106699-40-60Jacket Ventua Rain Womens$390.44
Jacket Ventura Rain Red/Yellow, $390.00
pfanner-rain-forest-work-jackets functional-clothingmedium xl
Jobby® Klima Air® Jacket Liner$55.00
functional-clothingl m xl
100044-220-36Laces - Functional Boot Laces Pfanner Black, $10.35accessories footwear-accessoriesblack
106707-220-11Laces - Trax Boot laces Pfanner 220cm$10.35accessories
Listen Only Muff PROTOS$122.00$147.00accessoriesheavy-duty neon-yellow orange yellow2-5mm 3-5mm 4mm
XH001680772Lite Com Plus 3M Peltor PROTOS SLC80 31db$1,303.00accessories
MT7H7P3E5010-AZ-50Lite Com Plus PRO II Peltor 450-520 Mhz$2,173.00accessories
UU004229926LiteCom PRO Comms 450-520mhz$2,165.00accessories
100054Mask Face Hygeine Pfanner Blue 10 per PKT$60.00
Mask Face PROTOS Camoflage$13.00
pfanner-hygeine-maskscamoflage-brown-yellow-reversible camoflage-green-orange-reversible yellow-black-reversible
Mask Face PROTOS Kids$13.00
pfanner-hygeine-masksblack blue reds1-3-6-yrs s1-3-7-yrs s2-7-12-yrs
Matterhorn Alpine Shoes$581.74footwear-accessories44-10
Matterhorn Chainsaw Protection Boots$738.26$860.00footwear-accessoriessize-44-10 size-44-with-crampon
Matterhorn Mont Blanc Class 1$955.65$1,129.57footwear-accessories42-8 43-9 44-10 45-11 46-12 47 48
107027-50-36Merino AirSoft Shirt Grey$109.00
101211-50-41Merino Modal Shirt Long Sleeve - Burgandy Large$139.00
Merino/Coolmax PROTOS Certified Beanie, $34.70accessories pfanner-accessoriesblack grey
204212Microphone Pad (Bluetooth boom mic) PROTOS$14.00accessories
205213Microphone Repair Kit BT-Comm$43.00accessories
Nexus Safety Glasses - One Size$34.70accessoriesclear grey-smoke yellow
Pant - Arborist Chainsaw Type A$520.87
pfanner-pantslarge m7 medium s-m s7 small xl xs
Pant - Gladiator II Class 2 Chainsaw$546.96
pfanner-pantsgrey redlarge large-long medium medium-long small xl xs
Pant - Grey Gladiator C/P Class 1 TYPEA$521.00
pfanner-pantslarge med-long medium small xl xs
Pant - Hi-Vis Chainsaw Protection Class 1$521.00$573.00
pfanner-pantsl m s xl xs xxl
Pant - Hi-Vis Chainsaw Protection Class 1$520.87$572.96
pfanner-pantslarge large-short medium medium-short small small-short xl xl-short xs xs-short xxl xxl-short
Pant Canfull StretchFlex$121.65$138.26
pfanner-pantsblack-grey52-94cm 54-98cm 56-102cm 60-108cm size-48-86cm size-50-90cm
Pants StretchZone$173.04$210.35
pfanner-pantsgrey-black orange red-grey50-90cm 52-94cm-2 54-98cm-2 56-102cm-2 58-108cm w91-l80 w94-l82 xl
Pants- Concept Outdoor$217.00$303.00
pfanner-pantsblackl-94cm xl-104cm xs-75cm
Pfanner Airstream Zip 2 Zip Backpack$260.00pfanner-accessories
100021Pfanner Baseball Cap, , $22.00functional-clothing accessories pfanner-accessories
101906Pfanner Belt 4mm 120cm length, , $26.00functional-clothing accessories pfanner-accessories
Pfanner Functional Shorts$47.74
pfanner-pantsredlarge medium
100240-10-36Pfanner Gladiator Braces, , $43.00accessories pfanner-pants pfanner-accessories
Pfanner Insole (Full Grain Leather) Outdoor, $55.57accessories pfanner-accessories
100025Pfanner Leather Boot Balm, $26.00accessories footwear-accessories
100045Pfanner Lumberjack Pin – Silver$12.97accessories
Pfanner Merino Shirt S/Sleeve$117.00
functional-clothingblack greenlarge xl
Pfanner Outdoor Light Functional Sock XL (47-49), , $1.00accessories footwear-accessories pfanner-accessories
100001Pfanner StretchFlex® Technic Gloves$30.00pfanner-glovesxxl
Pfanner Wooltec Jacket, $251.00$338.00
pfanner-rain-forest-work-jackets functional-clothingblack greenlarge xl
107175Pfanner/PROTOS Helmet Bag$17.30accessories
Pilatus Arborist Climbing Boots Pfanner, $477.39footwear-accessories pfanner-accessories41-7 42-8 43-9 44-10 45-11 46-12
Piz Buin, $13.83accessories pfanner-accessories
Protos Climber Helmet$0.00accessoriesyellow yellow-blue yellow-green yellow-red
Protos Forest Helmet$0.00accessoriesyellow yellow-blue yellow-green yellow-red
Protos Industry Helmet, , $0.00accessories protos-helmets protos-integral-industry-helmetsyellow yellow-blue yellow-green yellow-red
PROTOS Intuit Teddy Jacket$191.00$259.00
pfanner-rain-forest-work-jacketsl m small xl xxl
Santis Class 2 Chainsaws Protection$607.83footwear-accessories44-10 45-11
Shorts Canfull StretchFlex$108.61
pfanner-pantsgrey-blacksize-50-90cm size-54-98cm size-60-114cm
Socks - Outdoor Extreme Forestry$26.00accessorieslrge-44-46 med-41-43 sml-38-40
PBSPIKESSpikes Boots Piz Buin Stainless Steel 9 per PK, $85.74accessories footwear-accessories
StretchFlex Kepro Gloves$35.00pfanner-gloves10-xl 11-xxl large medium
101917-11-11StretchFlex KeproTechnic Gloves XXL$35.00pfanner-gloves
501033-50-14StretchZone Canvas Shorts$82.52
T-Shirt Zip Neck Grey Long Sleeve$104.26
TShirt - Hi Vis Pfanner$86.00$113.00
functional-clothingorange yellow-red4xl large medium small xl xxl xxxl
TShirt - Hi Vis Pfanner Yellow/Red L/S, $113.00$124.00functional-clothing footwear-accessories4xl large medium small xl xxl xxxl
TShirt - Zip Neck$78.00$95.00
functional-clothinggreen greyxl xxl
TShirt Grey Pfanner 2XL Long Sleeve Zip Neck$104.00
101911Waterproofer Leather & Fabric Pfanner 300ml, $30.00functional-clothing pfanner-accessories
M60/2Windsheild Surround Microcphone 3M Litecom$3.00accessories
WCWire Cable & Speaker Assembly Parts Listen Only$35.00accessories